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Tiaras & Wands Parties Terms of Service

Tiaras & Wands Parties has created this web site to provide information on princess and fairy character entertainment as well as party planning.

Tiaras & Wands Parties is a company created, owned and controlled by Tiaras & Wands, LLC. To assist you in using our www.tiarasandwandsparties.com web site (the "Web Site" or the "Site"), and to ensure a clear understanding of our services, we have created a Terms of Service. By acquiring our services, you are acknowledging that you have read and understood these terms and agree to be legally bound by them.

PLEASE REVIEW THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF USE CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THIS SITE. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THESE TERMS IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE TIARAS & WANDS PARTIES IN ANY WAY. These Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms and Conditions") constitute the contractual agreement between you and Tiaras & Wands Parties regarding your use of our Site and any activities or transactions you may conduct through the Site. In these Terms and Conditions, the words "you" and "your" refer to any person accessing the Site, and the words "we," "us," and "our" refer to Tiaras & Wands, LLC, and any of our related names as described above. By using our Site, you agree to these Terms and Conditions. If after reading through these Terms and Conditions you still have questions, please feel free to contact us. Any changes we make will be effective immediately upon notice, which we may provide by means including, without limitation, posting on the Site or by email. Your use of the Site will be deemed acceptance of this Agreement. Be sure to review these Terms and Conditions periodically to ensure familiarity with the most current version.

We reserve the right at any time to:

  • Change the terms and conditions of this Agreement
  • Change the Site, including eliminating or discontinuing any content on or feature of the Site, and/or adding new features, categories, business models & offerings.
  • Change any fees or prices for our services
  • Revoke any service without refund for acting in a manner Tiaras & Wands Parties deems inappropriate or unprofessional during any aspect of client-us interaction. This includes but is not limited to: booking negotiation, performance or service provision, and settlement of payment due.

Service & Site Disclaimer

The Contents of our Site, and the Site as a whole, is intended strictly for the purpose of providing information on princess character, party entertainment & party planning services. Tiaras & Wands Parties does not offer Disney characters or characters from any copyrighted media because it is illegal. If our characters look similar to media characters, look no further than the original tales they come from. Companies such as Disney often embellish on the original intended design of a character from a fable or fairytale. Our costumes were designed and created from scratch by us inspired by old fairytales. We understand that you want your child to have a realistic princess at your party and we will do our best to make sure that they believe they have been visited by a "real" princess. But we cannot offer copyrighted designs of any kind. The princess names BELLE, CINDERELLA, RAPUNZEL, SLEEPING BEAUTY, SNOW WHITE, ARIEL, PRINCESS TIANA, MULAN & POCAHONTAS are all trademarks owned by Disney and we are not - nor do we intend to use these in any way.

Site and Service Modifications

We may make improvements or other changes to the Site, or to the information and services offered at the Site, without notice. We may add, delete, move, or modify some or all of the Site at any time. We may make such changes for any reason, including, without limitation, changes to due to the circumstance (a) that an agreement with a third party cannot be maintained on terms reasonably acceptable to us; or (b) that the Site or its components become illegal or contrary to law or relevant regulation; or (c) because we feel it is in the best interest of our company.

Service Policy

Please refer to the following "Agreement of services". Upon your acquisition of our services, you agree to Tiaras & Wands Parties terms of service. 


The Artist agrees to the following.

  1. Character/Artist Performance - The Artist shall perform, dress and present in a professional manner. The Artist will provide performance music, and face paint, games & materials. The Artist shall conduct the performance in a safe manner. The Artist shall at all times have complete supervision, direction and control over the manner, means and details of this performance.
  2. Character/Artist Performance Time - The Artist's performance chargeable time shall be deemed to be from the agreed performance start time to the agreed performance finish time. The Artist will make a reasonable effort to be ready to perform fifteen minutes prior to the agreed character performance start time in the event that the character performance is required earlier by mutual agreement with the Client. The Artist reserves the right to arrive at the venue at the time deemed necessary by the Artist for set-up prior to the performance as stated in Sections B1, B2 and B3.
  3. Character/Artist Rest Breaks – For agreed performance times of greater than one hour in duration the Artist shall take a rest break of ten minutes duration away from the children within every full hour of character performance. (Artist’s health at risk)
  4. Performance Time - Additional performance time for overtime unless by prior expressed agreement by both parties is at the discretion of the Artist and is subject to the Artist's commitments elsewhere. A fee for additional time is applicable should the parties mutually agree to such extensions of this performance time. If the start of the performance is delayed by 30 minutes or more due to no fault of the Artist, an overtime fee may be charged.  Overtime Fees: 30 minutes: $80.00, 30-45min: $100.00, 45-60min: $120.00
  5. Artist Space and Lighting Requirements - The Client will provide a safe playing location with sufficient ambient light.
  6. Special Requests - The Artist reserves the right to not play game requests at the event which may put artist or costume at risk for damages nor shall the Artist accompany other characters not affiliated with Tiaras & Wands Parties, unless otherwise expressly agreed prior to the event with the Artist.
  7. Outdoor Performance - The Artist shall neither play nor expose themselves outdoors in inclement weather, or under the threat of inclement weather, nor in direct sunlight except as agreed in Section A) with the further provision that under no circumstance shall the Artist's costume get wet. These environmental factors damage the Artist's costume. The Client shall provide a solid clean, level surface if the event is to be held outside. Pavement, concrete, wood, carpet or dry grass is acceptable. The Costumes shall not be placed directly in damp areas, on sand, dirt or gravel unless as agreed in Section A) non compliance shall result in dry cleaning or damage fees. The Artist will not perform in temperature ranges outside of 60˚F and 90˚F. . Please keep in mind that the deposit is non-refundable for weather related issues. If we are under the threat of inclement weather, will gladly arrange another date for your party and your original deposit can be put toward the cost of another party if held within 90 days of the
    original party date.
  8. Set-up Time - A fee for additional wait time prior to a performance is applicable should the Client require the Artist's presence earlier than is deemed necessary by the Artist for equipment set-up and site preparation. The Artist does not charge for party performance set-up and site preparation as deemed necessary by the Artist.
  9. If Artist Unable to Perform - In the event that the Artist is unable to perform due to illness, accident, accident to means of transportation, inclement weather or other Acts of God, or any other legitimate condition(s) beyond the control of the Artist, the deposit and any other payment by the Client to the Artist for this engagement shall be refunded. Full refund shall be the complete extent of liability. The Artist or her representative shall make reasonable efforts to provide the Client with an introduction to a substitute Character/Person.
  10. Artist as Contractor - The Artist executes the terms of this agreement as an independent contractor, not as an employee of the Client. Responsibility for payment of the Artist income taxes is assumed by the Artist.


Client agrees to the following:

  1. Compensation Amount - Total Compensation is as shown in the reservation link sent & completed by client.
  2. Deposit Refund - The payment listed in section B1 is refundable in full if services are cancelled 14 days prior to event. Total payment listed in section B1 is 50% refundable if services are cancelled 7 days prior to event. Payment listed in section B1 is 25% refundable if services are cancelled 5 days prior to event. Payment is not refundable within 48- 24hrs of the performance. Payment in section B1 is not refundable for weather related issues, but we will gladly arrange another date for your party and your original deposit can be put toward the cost of another party if held within 90 days of the original party date.
  3. Client Time, Date, Venue Change – Payment in section B1 is non-refundable if the Client changes the time, date and/or venue, and the Artist is ready, willing and able to meet the terms of the original agreement. The client is required to secure the new agreement for time, date and/or venue with an additional 50% deposit or a rescheduling fee of $25 if held within 14 days of original date. The Artist is free to release the new agreement and is under no further obligation if the Client fails to meet the second additional 100% deposit requirement. The Artist reserves the right to refund the original deposit according to section B2 if the Artist believes reasonable notice of changed time, date and/or venue is given by the Client and no other bookings have been refused in lieu of the Client's original deposit.
  4. Final Payment – The final payment and any overtime/delay of start fees are due no later than the time of conclusion of the performance payable to TIARAS & WANDS PARTIES LLC.
  5. Cigarette Smoke - The Client agrees to furnish a place of performance that is free from cigarette smoke. Due to the nature of our business, character may have another event after yours and it is unacceptable for he/she to smell like smoke
  6. Client Family, Guests, Employees - The Client shall take full responsibility and liability for the actions of his/her family, guests (including children), patrons, agents, employees or any others deemed necessary to the performance. The Client's family, guests (including children), patrons, agents, employees or any others deemed necessary to the performance are not the responsibility of, nor the employees of, the Artist. We do require that at least one parent or chaperon remains in the setting at all times. We are not a child care service, nor is it our job to discipline your child. We are merely visiting characters and are not responsible for unruly or uncooperative children
  7. Performance Curfews - The Client shall take full responsibility and liability for any performance, stage or lock-up curfews at the event venue as provided by the Client in Section A). The Client shall not be entitled to a full or partial refund in the event of time restriction.
  8. Pictures and Videos-  We reserve the right to post Photos and Videos taken by us, our photographers or party guests on all of our company Gallery and websites, but will not be placed on any outside sources without express written permission from you. Outside sources include social networking sites (aside from our company face book page), image sharing sites and costuming sites. Your image WILL NOT be placed in any of these places without written permission and will only be used for promotional purposes on our Gallery. Videos may be posted on hosting sites such as YouTube, which will allow us to embed them on our site, but no personal information will be shared.

C) Dispute Resolution

  1. The Artist and Client agree that any dispute arising out of this Performance Agreement will be settled by binding arbitration, and that the Artist’s maximum liability under any such settlement will be limited to the actual amount paid by the Client to the Artist.

Revised and updated Jan, 2017.